General Questions....

How do I do a triathlon?

Please visit our triathlon beginner's page.

How should I train for a triathlon?

It is important to know that you are in a healthy enough condition to exercise and take part in a triathlon. For a beginner’s guide to training please click here. Preparation for the event is also important, don't train hard for a few days before the event and make sure you are well hydrated (drink plenty of water!).

What is the minimum age I can compete in a UK Triathlon event?

Please see below our age group categories for our triathlon and runs:-

RUNS (age on race day)

16 years of age for our Half Marathon.

14 years of age for our 10k runs.

We have no minimum age for our 5k fun runs but under 12 years of age must be accompanied at all times by an adult.


TRIATHLONS & DUATHLONS (age on race day)

14 years of age for our York, Birmingham and South Coast Fun, Super Sprint, Sprint & Sprint Relay triathlons (due to a closed bike route).

16 years of age for all other Fun, Super Sprint, Sprint & Relay distance triathlons (14 yr olds may participate in the swim or run discipline of a Sprint Relay).

16 years of age for all team members competing in Olympic Relay distance.

17 years of age for our Olympic distance triathlons.

18 years of age for our Ultimate and Ultimate Half triathlons.

18 years of age for our Ultimate and Ultimate Half triathlon Relay team members.

What will my start time be?

Although we cannot give exact timings until we have completed our start lists, approximately ten days prior to the triathlon, please click here for the 2013 start times. Note: 2014 start times will differ slightly due to varying competitor entries.

If I enter close to the start of the event will I be with swimmers of my own ability?

Competitors that enter two weeks prior to the triathlon are considered a ‘late entry’ and will be slotted into our start list. Although we try our hardest to place competitors with those of a similar ability this is not always possible. 

When will I receive notification of my start time and race number?

You will receive an email 7 to 10 days prior to the event; this will include all of your race day information as well as your race number and start time. If you don’t receive this email, please email Please note we never send any race information through the post.

Can I enter a mixed relay team?

Yes, however, please be aware that the team may not be eligible for a prize should they finish in the top three.

What is the difference between the fun and super sprint category?

The fun and super sprint triathlon are both the same distances but the super sprint is where competitors compete for a prize whereas the fun triathlon is purely for fun without the pressure of competing for a prize.

How do I know if my entry has been successful?

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of entering the triathlon; we will then send you regular email updates and offers. If you don’t receive anything from us this may be because the email has gone into your junk folder or you may have entered an incorrect email address during registration. If you have any concerns over your entry please email

Unfortunately I can no longer compete at the triathlon what is you cancellation policy?

Please visit our cancellation and race rules page on how to withdraw from a triathlon.


On the Day Questions.....

When will I receive my race number/chip?

You will pick up your race numbers and safety pins at registration on the day of the event. If the event is chip timed you will also receive your timing chip and instructions on how to wear it at registration.

Can I wear one race/bib number?

UK Triathlon supplies two race numbers. One should be visible on your back on the cycle section of the event and one on your front for the run section of the event. Wearing an elastic race number belt is permitted and you may attach just one race number to it. However, please make sure it is visible on your back for the cycle section of the event and spin it around your waist at the start of the run section of the event. You can purchase an elastic race number belt at our UK Triathlon Store for just £4.99 (click here).

Can I listen to music during the triathlon?

Unfortunately, for your own and other competitors safety it is not permitted to use any music system that restricts your hearing during a UK Triathlon event.


Swim Questions ......

Can I amend my swim time before the triathlon?

Yes, any changes must be confirmed in writing and sent to and they should be sent no later than four weeks prior to the event.

Why is it important to submit an accurate estimated swim time for pool based swims?

The swim time is how we compile our start lists, by doing so competitors will be take part alongside swimmers of a similar ability.

My friend and I entered the triathlon at the same time but we aren’t starting together, why is this?

There could be a few reasons why you aren’t starting together; you are in a different race/age category i.e one of you is in the sprint and the other in the super sprint, your swim times are different or if one of you is male and the other is female you will also start separately.

Will I need a wetsuit?

The only distances that a wetsuit are compulsory for is our Olympic and Ultimate/Ultimate half distances. Wetsuits are not permitted for pool based swim events.

Do I need a swim cap?

You will be provided with a swim cap that must be worn allowing you to be easily seen by other swimmers. You may use your own swim cap if you wish, as long as it is noticeable in the water.

Do I need a pair of swimming goggles?

It is recommended that you use them, but it is your choice.

Can I use any stroke for the swim?

Due to the safety of other competitors back stroke, tumble turns, diving are not permitted during the swim.


Bike Questions .......

Can I use a mountain bike?

Yes, any bike can be used but it must be road worthy!

Will triathlon and road bikes make a difference?

They can make a difference but not a huge amount. Road tyres are smoother and provide less resistance and aero bars put you in a more aerodynamic position on your bike but you can retro fit both of those to almost all bikes quite cheaply if you want but it really isn't necessary, unless you want to squeeze a few more seconds off your bike time.

For new bikes please visit the UK Triathlon Store.

Which helmet is good enough to use?

Your helmet must have the "SNELL", "ANSI" or "CE" safety mark inside it. The strap must be in working order and the helmet itself must not have any cracks on it.

Is drafting permitted during the triathlon?

No. Cyclists must maintain a forward distance of 5 metres between each other at all times except when overtaking. It is the responsibility of the overtaken rider to drop back to maintain this gap. Drafting marshals will strictly enforce this rule and offending cyclists will receive a time penalty for the first offence and disqualification on the second.


Run Questions .....

Will there be any water available during the run?

Yes, there will be one or more feed stations around the course serving both water and High5


After the Triathlon Questions ....

Is a massage necessary?

Massage is a great way of getting those muscles ready for the challenge of the triathlon and even better still to soothe and ease away the aches and strains after the race whilst aiding recovery.

A massage team is available at all our events! It may be a good idea to pre book a post race massage when you arrive at the venue, so you don't have to wait after you have finished your race.

My age group is incorrect on your results

Please contact us at providing us with your name, date of birth and your age on the day of the event.