Kids Introduction to Triathlon


UK Kids Fun Cheshire Duathlon

19th May 2018


UK Kids Fun Ultimate Triathlon

2nd June 2018


UK Kids Fun Henley Triathlon

9th June 2018


UK Kids Fun Birmingham Triathlon

30th June 2018


UK Kids Fun Birmingham Duathlon

30th June 2018


UK Kids Fun North West Duathlon

29th September 2018


The UK Kids Fun Triathlons and Duathlons are designed to be just that, FUN EVENTS, and are modelled on the hugely popular Australian Kids Triathlon Series which sees more than 40,000 children taking part every year!

Open to children aged from 5 to 16 years for the duathlon and 7 to 16 years for the triathlon, the events comprise of a swim (triathlon only), cycle & run challenge to suit all children, over very achievable distances and in a safe environment. The events are non competitive so every child will be a winner. We still record an overall time for each participant and list them alphabetically so, if they wish, they can compare times after the event. Each finisher receives the UK Triathlon 2017 finishers medal.

These events are an ideal way to encourage children to get active & healthy by taking part in sporting disciplines that are more than likely already a big part of their lives. Our aim is to encourage thousands of children to enjoy and take part in the sport of duathlon and triathlon. With our fun training ideas and specially designed courses we could be seeing the next Vicky Holland, Emma Pallant or Brownlee brothers in the making!

What does safe environment mean?

The whole race takes place within the confined space of the event arena, meaning the children are on site at all times. They do not cycle on the roads or run outside of the venue, both the cycle and run courses are on grass and are multi lapped so you can watch your child at all times.

What equipment is needed to take part in a triathlon?

  • Swimming costume or trunks (wetsuits may be worn for lake swims only but are not compulsory)
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Trainers
  • Swimming goggles (optional)

What equipment is needed to take part in a duathlon?

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Trainers

What are the distances and sequence of events?

Careful consideration has been given to the distances in line with the Schools PE National Curriculum targets for the Individual Key Stages.

Distances Triathlon

7-8 yrs – 25m swim – 1km cycle – 500m run

9-12yrs – 50m swim – 2km cycle – 1km run

13-16yrs – 100m swim – 3km cycle – 1.5km run


Distances Duathlon
5-6 yrs 100m Run - 1k cycle - 300m Run
7-8 yrs 200m Run - 1k cycle - 500m Run
9-12 yrs 400m Run - 2k cycle - 1000m Run
13-16 yrs 600m Run - 3k cycle - 1500m Run
Relay (all ages) 600m Run - 3k cycle - 1500m Run




Key Points

  • Each child will set off at 20 second intervals whether in a swimming pool or open water swim. This means there are no mass starts
  • Once the swim is completed each child is guided to the cycle transition area to collect their bike & helmet and set off on the grass bike course NB: For the duathlon, the swim is replaced by the run so the sequence is run-bike-run.
  • Following the cycle, bikes & helmets are taken off the children and stored back in the transition area allowing the children to complete the final leg of the triathlon, the run course, once again on grass
  • On completion of the run, participants filter into the finish lane and cross the finish line with great cheers from the crowds and to receive the UK Kids Fun Triathlon 2017 finishers medal for their personal achievement
  • A parent or guardian may help children in transition area to change over from the swim to the cycle and from the cycle to the run, although there is limited space and we do have marshals on hand to assist

Can a team enter?

Yes, entry can be as an individual or as part of a relay team. Teams can be made up of either two or three children with each member doing one leg of the event in a team of three or one member doing two legs and the other member the remaining leg in a team of two. Each team member will receive the 2017 finishers medal.

What happens on the day?

Each child will need to register on the day of the event where they will receive their participant number to be worn for the cycle & run, number stickers for their helmet & bike along with instructions on where to rack their bike. The events usually start around 1200-1300hrs (subject to change) and every child will be given a course and safety briefing shortly before they start. Registration is usually open from 10.30-11.30am but this will be confirmed in the race day information which is emailed to participants 7-10 days before the event along with their start time and participant number. Please note children must register at least one hour before their allocated start time.

How do I register my child for the event?

You can register securely online, by telephone or by post using the print & post entry form found on the UK Kids Fun Event home page. Deadlines for entries are usually four weeks before the event date or when the event is full (whichever comes first). The entry fee is £20-25.00 per child and is payable at the time of booking by credit/debit card, cheque or postal order.

It is important that all entrant details are double checked, names especially! Event information is emailed so please ensure email addresses are entered correctly. You should receive an email confirmation of your registration once submitted. If you haven’t received this within 72 hours of registering please contact us. (Please check first that the email is not in your junk folder).

How should I help my child prepare for a Fun Triathlon or Duathlon?

It is not necessary to train every day to take part in the UK Kids’ Fun Triathlon. The course could be completed with very little swimming, cycling and running practice. However, doing a little of all the three disciplines every week leading up to the event will be great for good health and helps make the triathlon experience on the day much better. Over-training and not getting enough rest will have a negative effect and is not encouraged. Simple additions or changes to the day such as cycling to school, running to a friend’s house, or swimming after school instead of watching TV will be enough. The idea of the UK Kids’ Fun Triathlon is that it encourages children to be more active and have fun whilst "exercising".

Please click here for your free training plan

A balanced diet with fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice and pasta and a good source of protein such as meat and fish is ideal for triathlon training.

It is really important to drink adequate water while doing any exercise. Waiting until you feel thirsty is a sign of dehydration and should be avoided.

A week before the event, it is a good idea to ensure you have everything you need to take part…