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 Can you swim?   Can you cycle?   Can you run?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions then you can do a triathlon, so check out all our events by clicking below and choose which one you will enter in 2016.

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Some of our competitor comments

Personally I thought the Tri was brilliantly organised. I've done over 10 Sprint Tris over the past 3 years and yours was right up there with the best! Will definitely be back next year!

All the staff were helpful and friendly, and as it was my first triathlon I was feeling nervous, and it made such a difference to have such friendly people all around who were happy to answer any queries. I really enjoyed the day and will definitely be there next year, so please extend my thanks to all those involved in the organisation of this fab event.  Oh, and you managed to order some long awaited sunshine for the event as well! Regards

Personally, I admire the way UK Triathlon/Fun2Tri has brought triathlon to the "masses" whereas before it was perceived as something of an elite sport only. Well, you got me hooked following the Nantwich one a couple of years ago! Well done. Cheers. 

Stratford_2017_150x180.jpg Kids_Cheshire_Duathlon_2017_150x180.jpg Cheshire_2017_150x180.jpg
 Henley_kids_2017_150x180.jpg  Henley_Adults_2017_150x180.jpg  Shropshire_kids_2017_150x180.jpg
Ultimate_F_2017_150x180.jpg  Ultimate_H__2017_150x180.jpg  Ultimate_1_2017_150x180.jpg
 York_2017_150x180.jpg  Kids_Birmingham_Triathlon_2017_150x180.jpg  Kids_Birmingham_Duathlon_2017_150x180.jpg
 birmingham_tri_2017_150x180.jpg    Kids_North_West_Duathlon_2017_150x180.jpg
North_West_2017_150x180.jpg South_Coast_Triathlon_2017_150x180.jpg South_Coast_Run_2017_150x180.jpg
 Stoke_kids_2017._150x180.jpg  South_Coast_Triathlon._2017_150x180.jpg  Warwickshire_2017_150x180.jpg